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Gay Hip-Hop Festival Set To Be In London

GayHipHop.com and Pac-Man will be holding Europe’s only gay hip-hop festival from October 20th – 26th. The festival is aiming at bringing urban talents of the gay community to the forefort. The organizers of the event are planning a live…

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MTV launches “Little Talent Show”

The world has had its share of ‘got talent’ tv shows and now music television giant MTV is looking for people who think they have what it takes to be considered a triple threat (singing, dancing and acting). Each episode…

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Janet Jackson’s Baby Rumors : Are They True?

For years Janet Jackson has been questioned about having a child with her ex-husband James Debarge. Janet insisted that she has never given birth to a secret child. The rumor was spread by a former in-law for years who thought…

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Newspaper Interview Gets Rapper Fired From Job

He just wanted to tell his life story to New York Times about how he grew up and witnessed death in Detroit, but his employer Professional Removal Services wasn’t going for it. The company accused 34 year-old Mike Thomas of…

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Young Rapper Jibbs Doing Big Things

Jibbs, who is no stranger to music due to his mother being a former rapper, began his career at the age of 9. Jibbs has had the honor to open up for acts such as Bow Wow and Chirs Brown,…

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Usher Decides To Go Broadway

While on Broadway, Usher is currently playing the role of Billy Flynn in the Broadway play Chicago. The play originally opened on Broadway in 1975. The play has been running non-stop since 1996 and in November will celebrate its 10th…

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Kurtis Blow Targeting Youth With Holy Hip-Hop

Kurtis Blow is now following the steps of other gospel hip-hop icons such as the late O’Landa Draper, Mr. Del, Kirk Franklin and others. He has formed a Christian record label Music Ministry Recordings in partnership with EMI Gospel. Kurtis…

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