Movie streaming websites, a fundamental entertainment medium


The internet today has changed the way we watch television, since it has just eliminated the need for a television and allows us to see and enjoy any content only by using an intelligent device such as a telephone, a tablet or a computer making use of movie streaming websites.

Since the invention of the camera and video recording we have been in charge of recording and storing films about a lot of different themes for our enjoyment, which can range from historical documentaries to fictional stories about space, romance stories, comedy stories, stories of terror, among many others. This has become a fundamental part of our lives, because thanks to this we can “live” new experiences by seeing and watching the situations in which the characters find themselves and how they affect them as people

This is why there is currently a huge amount of movies and series that multiply every day and that are stored on the internet for our entertainment.

It is for these reasons that over the years several web pages have been created that has the purpose of organizing all this content and facilitate the search of movies and series for Internet users at any time.

These pages have two modalities or are classified into two types:

  • Paid Platforms: such as Netflix or Hulu
  • Free Platforms: such as Putlockers or Pelispedia

Nowadays, paid platforms have reached great popularity in the world, reaching millions of subscribers and generating a lot of profits, since they are not considered expensive and provide original content in both movies and series, of high quality, that attract the public in general and that encourage the spending of money for this type of entertainment.

However, these platforms do not provide a very large library of audiovisual content because they have the need to comply with copyright, which limits their expansion with respect to free platforms, for all the protocol involved in obtaining approval of the authors for the publication of content.

In this sense, there are platforms to watch movies and series that do not require a payment for their enjoyment, which are easily accessible to Internet users, and which provide those users with a medium in which we can find almost any type of content. (Comedy, horror, romance, documentaries, etc.), dating back several years. That is, they are sites with more content than the paid platforms because they do not comply with copyright regulations.

Free platforms. Do they represent a violation of copyright?

These web pages work publishing content every day of different genres, which tend to be very recent and have great popularity, but also publish movies and series that already have time. One quality of these pages is that they publish films and original series of paid platforms, that is, they provide users with said content without having to make any previous payment, with the only condition that you must wait a few days afterwards its premiere on the paid platform. This obviously represents a violation of copyright and generates a loss in the companies that run the paid platforms.

In today’s society where anyone can learn to manage a computer is almost impossible to prevent the spread of free online platforms that steal content from other platforms. Although these free platforms represent a great means of entertainment for Internet users, it is important to point out that they represent a system where copyright laws are not complied with, which is why they are considered a violation of the laws.

How do the free movie platforms generate profits?

As mentioned above, paid platforms have profits from user subscriptions, which are maintained due to the constant inclusion of original material. In this sense, free platforms also generate monetary gains, which come from advertising.

It is impossible to find a web page of movies and series that do not have an advertising in their design, for example Putlockers. This happens because these web pages are so popular, for being free, that allow companies to advertise their products or services and generate profits. These ads tend to be very constant and appear at the time of clicking on the page, redirecting the user to a different page where a product is promoted.

This is one of the disadvantages that involve the use of free movie platforms on the Internet, which all have this type of advertising that interferes with the enjoyment of content at the moment, a problem that avoids the paid platforms.

Platforms of television channels

Since the internet has changed the way that television is viewed, the channels of this medium have had to adapt to survive. This adaptation was born from the creation of digital entertainment platforms, where all the original content of the channel is published, which is accessible only to those people who have the television service of that channel.

These platforms are usually free as long as you have a previous subscription to the channel owner of the platform, although there are also paid channels that offer this service. It should be noted that these platforms are recent and are gaining strength and popularity with users by allowing content to be enjoyed at any time.

Which platform adapts to your needs

If you want to enjoy the pleasures of watching movies on a film transmission platform you must take into account some details regarding your preferences, to know what it is best suited to your needs. You should ask yourself the following:

  • Are you willing to see advertising? If it does not bother you to see advertising, free platforms are your option. Keep in mind that these can appear at any time without warning.
  • On the other hand, if this bothers you, the paid platforms are your choice, because you will never be interrupted and you will enjoy your movie in peace
  • If you want to see original content every so often, the paid platforms are for you, because they are always at the forefront in the creation of movies and series
  • On the other hand, if you do not mind waiting a few days or weeks to see this original content without having to pay, then the free platforms are for you. In addition to that you have a larger library of both recent and old content


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