Impact of Fortnite on society


At present, social networks have had a transcendental impact on society, coming to be considered as an essential means of communication between people of different ages around the world. These changes have led people to change their lifestyle in order to adapt to the new society in which we are living.

In this sense, there is a video game that is generating a great impact in today’s society and mainly in young people from almost every corner of the planet. This game, called Fortnite, has become one of the most popular games in the current year, causing constant stir in social networks.

Fortnite is the most coveted game among young people, because it is completely free for all those who have a good internet connection. Then, this free game provides a great gaming experience where a lot of people face, individually or in groups, in order to survive until the end of the game.

The most popular game mode of this system, called Fortnite: Battle Royale, consists of an armed struggle that takes place between approximately 100 players that takes place in a limited area where the utensils and weapons necessary to survive are found. This game mode is the most used by young people and is the one that has caused the most impact among them.

There are famous stars from various fields that are hooked with this game, getting to transmit their love for it in their social networks and in the real world, being these, the main advertising media of this popular game.

Impact on young people

The most felt impact on this game is that which occurs in young people who play large amounts of daily hours. In this sense, young people who start playing on this platform usually acquire an addiction for this game, leading them to neglect their daily activities and their studies, as well as health problems.

Fortnite is specifically designed to be an addictive game, because it provides a very simple game system to understand that never bores players, who can remain many hours a week immersed in the universe of this game. To this is added that it is a game of violence which constantly attracts young people. It can also be noted that the design of the game animation is very friendly for people, having that the game avatars are very stylized and attractive.

This game, although it is mostly free has certain features that must be purchased using real money. These characteristics are mainly related to the updates that are made to the avatars that are planned to play in the battle. Then, when there is an addiction to this game, many young people have spent money on it in order to improve each time, which is a problem if the spending of money is not controlled.

The dances of fortnite

In Fortnite, players can customize every aspect of the avatars they will use during battle, these avatars can be constantly updated to have the best skills that can be used in the development of the battle.

However, this is not the most attractive feature of the game, since it has a dance ability. These dances occur when a player manages to defeat an enemy and then represents the celebration of this fact, in addition to providing a bit of humor to a game that can be considered very violent.

These dances have transcended the game, reaching the social networks of people around the world, which have been responsible for imitating such dances developed especially for the avatars of Fortnite. So, at the moment it is very easy to find videos on social networks like Instagram where people perform imitations of these dances.

There are also celebrities who perform these dances as a method of celebration, among which stands out Antoine Griezmann, a soccer player in the Spanish league and current world champion who celebrates his goals scored during the matches by performing a Fortnite dance, since, Player has constantly announced his passion for this game.

There are also companies such as DirecTV Latin America that have used different dances of this game in certain sports programs, in order to make them become a trend in social networks, thus increasing the number of people who watch such programs.

Impact on the internet

The Fortnite game became a global trend, generating that many people dedicate themselves only to play on the internet to obtain economic benefits in this regard. Among these people stand out the Youtubers, which are people who publish videos on the YouTube platform that tell how are the gaming experiences of these people.

These videos are highly popular among the young population, becoming as addictive as the game itself. What led to the population of gamers on YouTube to only publish videos regarding this game, causing a large volume of visits on this platform.

Among some of the most famous youtubers that play Fortnite we can find:

  • Ninja
  • Veguetta777
  • Willyrex
  • ElrubiusOMG
  • The Grefg

It is important to note that the videos in this game are the most popular today, being the theme, most used in video games videos today. On this particular game more, videos were published in a month than on any other video game in the entire history of YouTube.

Economic Impact

Worldwide this game is so popular that it has generated a lot of profits to the company that produced this system, since there are many people who buy updates to their avatars using real money.

In this sense, the company has reported profits of more than 1000 million dollars in what the game is available. This represents a breakthrough for the video game industry worldwide, because it shows that even a free game can generate profits if a good trading strategy is used.

It is important to highlight the impact that this game has on society, which has made it become a source of income that is constantly increasing every day, this being an example of the potential of this new gaming platform.


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