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YouTube Deletes Fake Views From RCA, Sony And Universal

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This past month YouTube has been stripping fake views from YouTube videos and three major record companies were affected. The three major companies had more than 2 billion fake views on their videos.

The three major record companies include, Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG and RCA Records. These companies are in hot water with YouTube and they’re not getting much love with them. The Daily Dot recently reported that YouTube stripped more than 2 billion falsified video views from the three major record companies.

YouTube’s parent company Google believe that the fake views are from the product “black hat” view count-building techniques. This technique lets third-party companies to inflate the total of view tallies as a means to increase exposure on YouTube.

The biggest offender was Universal Music Group, who was stripped over a billion views out of its total 7 billion hits. YouTube didn’t show any mercy for RCA and Sony/BMG, both companies lost 850 million and 159 million views, respectively.

The three major companies did not just lose views, but lost more from Google. UMG’s published videos have been deleted from its channel leaving just 5 videos, while Sony’s channel just has three videos.

Google’s crackdown on these black hat views affected more than 500 different official artist channels such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Beyonce and many more. UMG was the first company to notice the downsize in views and cited its shift to publishing videos on VEVO as the reason why its YouTube channel had been downsized.

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Photo credit: dvice.com

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