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Wiz Khalifa Will Be Having A Baby Boy And Is Already Planning For A Second Child


Wiz Khalifa found out recently that he’ll be having a baby boy and is already planning on having a second child. He also explains how he came up with the name Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa is excited for his new son, but he’s also planning to have a second child. In a recent interview with Funkmaster Flex, Wiz Khalifa took the time to explain the origin of his rap name.

“It’s a boy,” Wiz Khalifa shared during the interview.

The topic of having a second child was brought up and Wiz Khalifa was on board with having a second child.

“Yeah, he’s gotta have a buddy, right? Can’t be trying to take up all my time laughing.”

Wiz Khalifa even explained the origin of his rap name and stated that he got it from his grandfather.

“My grandad is Muslim. So the Khalifa means successor, leader, shining light. At a young age, he kinda seen that in me. He gave me that name,” Wiz explained. “The Wiz part comes from being wise beyond my years.”

Photo credit: allhiphop.com

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