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Buckshot States That There Might Be A Boot Camp Clik Reunion


Buckshot was in a recent interview with 9th Wonder on Shade 45′s “Sway in the Morning.” Buckshot went on the show to discuss the possible group reunion in 2013.

Buckshot and 9th Wonder visited Shade 45′s “Sway in the Morning” to promote their latest album, “The Solution.” In the recent appearance, Buckshot Shorty performed a verse from the soul-sampling “The Change Up.” Buckshot then explained why he and the 9th Wonder named the LP “The Solution.”

He also stated that their might be a  possible reunion of Boot Camp Clik, and that the crew could reunite. The crew would reunite for the love of music and not for their ego.

“Yeah. We definitely could,” he said. “When we do come together, we’re going to make music for the love of music and for the love of the fact that we’re part of Hip Hop and not trying to be egotistical or nothing like that. So we will come back with another album.”

The last record that Boot Camp Clik released was it’s fourth LP, “Casualties of War” in 2007. Buckshot even stated that the other members are busy with projects or families, but that they would like to work on another project together.

“Everybody is doing their thing. Smif-N-Wessun is in the cut working on stuff, Sean Price is buckwilin’. If he’s not doing a skit, he’s doing an LP. He’s working 1,000 miles an hour. O.G.C. is in the cut. Everybody got families, you know Hip Hop has been blessful. Brothers grow up too, so you gotta put all that into consideration.”

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