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Who To Replace Paula Abdul: Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Latifah?


Photo of Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol and not returning to the show — will American Idol be the same without Paula Abdul? Will Paula Abdul change her mind about coming back to the reality talent television show? Well until word comes from Paul Abdul that she’s returning, the question on minds now is who would or could replace Paula Abdul on American Idol?

How about Jennifer Lopez? Diana Ross? Kara DioGuardi? Natalie Cole? Victoria Beckham? Queen Latifah? These are all the names that are being tossed into the American Idol bowl of could-be would-be judges.

Sources say that legendary singers Diana Ross and Natalie Cole have been offered opportunities to co-judge/guest judge as well as rumors that the very sexy, R&B singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is in the bowl and may replace Paula Abdul, rumors that Lopez’s reps reportedly say are completely false.

Reports also have TV personality and singer-songwriter Kara DioGuardi down to become a replacement as well as singer, songwriter Victoria Beckham, wife of English football star David Beckham is posed to guest judge and is reportedly excited to appear as a guest judge on the TV show.

Sources have even reported that Queen Latifah is proposed for being a guest judge or even possible replacement.

If Paula Abdul is not returning, who will replace the beloved American Idol judge?

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