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The Game Drops New Jay-Z Diss; Bags Kanye, Amber Rose, Chris Brown


Rapper The Game in Denim Jeans
Rapper The Game is continuing his attacks on rap artist and Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z, with this time being a new song entitled “I’m So Wavy” where not only did he attack Jay-Z but also makes mentions yet again of Jay’Z's wife and R&B singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter, who he possibly alleged slept with NBA/NFL pros in a previous attack, as reported on HipHopRX.com, and defends hip hop artist and music producer Kanye West, mentions Amber Rose and defends Chris Brown as well.

“Trying to sell me/I’m not from NYC/You can’t even have a child by your Destiny/And I didn’t mean to take a shot at B/I bagged out like you did Free,” The Game rapped in his lyrics.

“Cause I’m So Waaavy, Too Hardcore to be a Jaaay-Z,” the chorus starts.

The Game also makes mention of Kanye West’s girlfriend Amber Rose having a conversation with Chris Brown at a recent event that the three were attending then later claims that he heard about Jay-Z’s fight backstage with Kanye West and says he’ll put his money on “Kanye” to knockout Jay-Z and The Game expressed his admiration for Kanye’s album “808s & Heartbreak.”

Then The Game speaks on Jay-Z’s falling-out with former friend and business partner Damon Dash, and speaks about the rumor which has been circulating that Jay-Z threatened that he nor Beyonce would perform at the 2009 BET Awards if Chris Brown as allowed to perform.

Then continuing to pursue attacking Jay-Z for his age The Game takes from M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” song claiming, “No one on the corner got a swagger like you/cause no one on the corner it f-cking 42,” as The Game claims that the Roc will soon be M.I.A.

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