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It’s Hammertime On Regis and Kelly! MC Hammer Shows Kelly Some Moves!


Photo of MC Hammer on the Regis and Kelly Show
It’s Hammertime on the Regis and Kelly Show with hip hop artist MC Hammer! MC Hammer visits the television talk show Regis and Kelly Show on Wednesday (June 3, 2009) which, along with Kelly, featured co-host Will Ferrell. The rapper and new reality television host of the reality TV show Hammertime talked about his signature Hammer pants, his new show, and more.

As previously reported, Hammer’s new reality TV series, “Hammertime,” is set to focus on the ‘Hammer’ family as they live their not-so-simple lives in Tracy, California while Hammer attempts to relaunch his career and work his way back up the ladder in the entertainment Industry.

The new Hammertime show will feature MC Hammer, real name Stanley Kirk Burrell, 47, his wife of 24 years, Stephanie, and the six children they are raising together: 4 year-old Sammy, the youngest; Jeremiah, 11; Stanly Jr. aka Booby, 13; Sarah, 16; Jamaris Knighten, Hammer’s nephew raised like his son and their college daughter A’keiba.

On the show, Hammer was shown a clip of Regis doing the ‘Hammer dance,’ he was also asked about his other lifestyle as a minister; he showed Kelly and Will some dance moves and more.

In related news, Hammertime premieres on Sunday, June 14 at 9PM CST on A&E Television.

Photo of MC Hammer on the Regis and Kelly Show

Check out video clips of MC Hammer’s Interview on the Regis and Kelly Show.

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