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Eve Goes To Court Early, Meets Probation Requirements In DUI Case


According to reports rapper Eve (Eve Jihan Jeffers), reported to court early for a DUI case in which she was originally scheduled to return on July 20, 2007. Eve come in on July 16th and was told that she had completed the conditions of her probation in connection with the charge.

On June 28th, the rapper was ordered by the judge to wear an alcohol monitoring device attached on her ankle for 45 days, 36 months of probation, enroll in a first-offenders alcohol education program for three months, attend 10 AAA meetings, and pay $1,400 in fines and penalties after her lawyer entered a plea of no contest at the court appearance. At the same time, the judge made a statement that she would have to show proof that she completed her alcohol and education program by December 28, 2007.

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