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Truck driver rams into leg of rapper Styles P


Rapper Styles P
Rage on the road took its toll on Rapper Styles P “David Styles” after being hit by a 50 year-old truck driver named John Henson last Saturday afternoon on Saw Mill River Road in Greenburgh, N.Y. The rapper suffered a broken leg after a reported road rage incident.

The 32 year-old rapper was reported to have stated, according to WABC-TV, that he was cut off by a truck where he later cut the same truck off, and left his car to throw napkins at the truck window. When he proceeded to get back into his car, John Henson struck him with his truck.

Styles P. was taken to Westchester Medical Center for treatment for his injury.

As for the truck driver, he has been charged with second-degree assault. John Henson told police that he wasn’t aware that he was to blame for cutting off Styles P’s car and that he was “in fear for his safety” when Styles got back into his car after throwing the napkins.

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