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Melanie Brown responds to Eddie Murphy’s Dutch TV Interview


Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy
Guess Eddie Murphy didn’t think word would get back to former Spice Girl “Scary Spice” Melanie Brown about him questioning whether the baby that she’s carrying is his and telling a television show that he’s no longer with her. According to People Magazine, Melanie’s friends contacted her and told her the scoop in which she came back with a response and is wondering why he would question their child’s paternity to the public prior to coming to her.

“I am obviously upset and distressed at some of the comments made by Eddie Murphy to the media,” Brown, who is in the second trimester of her pregnancy, says in the statement released Thursday. “I have no idea why anybody would want to conduct themselves in this kind of manner about such a personal matter in such a public way.

“My main concern is for the well being of my (seven-year-old) daughter Phoenix and of course the baby. I was astonished at what Eddie said – there is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father.”

Melanie Brown was stated as not having a problem taking a paternity test.

Seems 45 year-old Eddie has struck a match by stating to Dutch TV show (RTL Boulevard), “And I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

Inaddition, Melanie didn’t know that their relationship had ended. From what sources has stated they were suppose to be spending Christmas together. Keep an eye out.

Until then, Melanie Brown is focusing on her health and other projects which she will begin soon.

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