10 celebrities who never seem to be aged


Some stars seem to never grow old, the time seems to have passed for them and in some cases, it has even been generous. Celebrities maintain a dazzling shape by showing fewer years than they have.

Aging is one of the most frightening things, the skin goes out, wrinkles appear and the hair loses shape. Often it happens that the stars resort to aesthetic interventions, ending up further worsening their appearance.

Some become unrecognizable, perhaps even failing to look younger.

Eternal youth has always been a dream of many and some of these stars seem to have found the famous source. Yet, the years pass for them too, the doors have arrived, perhaps for some time now, and it is not possible to understand how they manage to maintain such a young appearance. Cheryl Ladd seems to be still 40 years old, while Keanu Reeves if he wore the role of Neo, the protagonist of the Matrix, would be indistinguishable from himself 35 years old.

Let’s find out together which are the 10 stars who never seem to grow old!

Keanu Reeves

He was 35 when Keanu Reeves played Neo in the Matrix trilogy. That interpretation guaranteed him fame and more than twenty years have passed since then. He recently starred in the third film in the John Wick series. He started his career acting in One Step Away at 21 years old. He is currently 56 years old, and the difference from twenty years ago is minimal. He recently got engaged to Alexandra Grant.

Lucy Lawless

Her battle cry is certainly kept in some dusty drawer in the memory of most of us. Lucy Lawless was 27 years old when she played the role of Xena, the warrior princess. Since then, his career has focused mainly on the small screen appearing in Agents of SHIELD and the horror series Ash vs Evil Dead. Now she is 52 years old, but looking at her it doesn’t seem that more than 20 years have passed since she launched her very famous Chakram.

Sharon Stone

How could the wonderful Sharon Stone be missing from this list?! Born in 1958, Sharon Stone is 62 years old and her beauty still leaves many breathless. She became famous for her first performance in Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories at 22. We all remember her in Basic Instinct sitting on the chair with a cigarette in her hand. She recently starred in the TV series The New Pope.

Jared Leto

Many will remember him for the part of Angel Face in Fight Club, he was 28 years old. In 2014 Jared Leto won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the Dallas Buyers Club and made his beloved / hated Joker Suicide Squad talk a lot. His interpretations have been very numerous and in addition to these, he is the frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars. He seems not to have aged since his first appearances, the only difference is his hair, which varies from year to year.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry started acting with Jungle Fever at the age of 21. Her acting career seemed exhausted with the hated Catwoman but then reappeared on the scene, managing to recover very well. It recently appeared in John Wick 3. On her Instagram profile, she shares her passion for physical activity daily, perhaps this is the secret of her eternal youth.

Cheryl Ladd

To some, this name may not remember anything, but for all the others it is Kris Munroe from the TV series Charlie’s Angels. Her career started in 1971 when she was 20 with the film Mitch. She then moved to TV, becoming very famous for small-screen productions. She recently appeared in Criminal Love and it’s really hard to believe she’s nearly 70 years old.

Morgan Freeman

I’m sure no introduction is needed for Morgan Freeman. A career studded with successes, an Oscar in 2004 for Million Dollar Baby, 2 Golden Globes, and several films behind him that is difficult to match. He started acting with the pawnshop man at 30. His last film appearance was last year with Attack on Power 3. He is now 83 years old, absurd to believe looking at his recent photos.

Johnny Depp

The same goes for Sharon Stone, could Johnny Depp be missing?! Not. Another extremely rich career, a multifaceted actor, has lent itself to numerous parts making his characters unforgettable. Jack Sparrow is his acting icon, like Charlie from The Chocolate Factory. His career began playing Glen in Nightmare – from the depths of the night, at the age of 19, although you seem to be only 16. To date, it has 57 and yet it seems to be close to forty at most.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Written by Sharon Stone, she began acting at 19. The turning point for Michelle Pfeiffer comes with Scarface and inaugurates a long career not yet concluded. Last year she starred in Maleficent as Queen Ingrid, Maleficent’s historic opponent, played by Angelina Jolie. Seeing the two actors together, it seems difficult to believe that they have almost 20 years of difference from each other.

Robert Downey Jr.

Born in 1965, Robert Downey Jr. is approaching 55 years old. His is also a career full of successes and numerous interpretations. Started thanks to the father director, with Pound, at the age of only 5 years. The performances of Tony Stark, human alias of Iron Man, and Sherlock Holmes in the homonymous film, are milestones in his career. To see it today, it does not seem more than thirty years have passed since that very first timid apparition.


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