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Game Explains The Difference Between “Jesus Piece” and Dr. Dre’s “2001″


Game explains the difference between his album “Jesus Piece” and Dr. Dre’s “2001.”

Game compared his album, Jesus Piece, with Dr. Dre’s 2001 album this past month. He was soon asked to explain what he meant when he compared his album with one of Dr. Dre’s in a recent interview with Hot 97. Game stated that he didn’t mean any disrespect to Dr. Dre.

“I said, ‘It got monumental features like that album. Everybody you want to hear in Hip Hop is on the “Jesus Piece” album, but in the right place.’ That was the comparison.”

He started to explain how Dr. Dre is his role model and his album “2001″ was one of his favorite releases from Dr. Dre. He even stated that he wants to collaborate on a track with Dr. Dre in one of his future albums. He has made plans, but has yet to reach the level he needs to be on Dr. Dre’s hip-hop game.

Chronic 2001 is a dope album, not to be misconstrued with something that ain’t dope but Jesus Piece is nice.”

In the interview, Game also explained how he was helping people in New York with transportation, so they can get to the voting booths.

“California cares,” he added.

Photo Credit: justkhaotic.com

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