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Nicki Minaj Updates Her Fans With More Info For Her E! Reality Series


Nicki Minaj is expanding her presence on television, and she’s getting ready for her upcoming three-episode reality television series.

After Nicki Minaj announced her decision to join the hit television series, American Idol, as a judge, she is now getting ready for her own series on the E! network. We know that she’s been working along side Keith Urban and Mariah Carey as a judge on American Idol and has been doing well. She decided it was time that fans got to see what happens around her when she’s not working and gets to spend her day the way she wants to.

Perez Hilton recently interviewed Nicki Minaj, and Minaj stated that she began filming her series the same day of the interview. The complete details to the television series are kept a secret, and it’s unclear whether the series will be full episodes or just featured episodes.

Nicki Minaj will also make special appearances on the E! network rather than a reality television show. The three episode specials will air later this fall on the E! channel and it’ll feature never before seen footage of her personal life with her backstage life after concerts. The specials are scheduled to air on November 4th at 10:30pm.

Photo Credit: africanlimelight.com

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