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“In God We Trust,” Meek Mill Explains The Meaning Behind It


Meek Mill gives some details on a track that will be appearing on his new album “Dreams and Nightmares.”

Meek Mill is getting ready for the release of his debut album,Dreams and Nightmares, which will be hitting stores on October 30th. The Maybach Music group rapper will also be releasing a series of videos that will explain each track on his debut album. Yesterday he released a video of the album’s intro track, he said that the second song “In God We Trust” states that it’s about the troubles that one faces in the streets.

“It’s just about surviving in the streets, in God we trust, for the love of the money. I seen a lot of young guys go to war. There was even times where we were in positions where it was at war with guys because they wanted to do something to us, and every time they wanted to do something with us, we wanted to do something to them. It might have been over the smallest money transaction that probably had nothing to do with me. Probably one of my friends. You gotta survive and participate. I just wanted to give them that one street joint that nobody giving out no more.”

Photo Credit: startrident.com

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