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50 Cent Talks About Drake And Chris Brown


50 Cent talks about Drake and Chris Brown in a recent interview.

Rappers have been talking about this beef for awhile now, so 50 Cent gave his opinion as well, which by the way both artists were reported of throwing battles to each other in a New York nightclub.

Once 50 Cent saw photos he commented, “I was surprised. I didn’t know what happened. When you see the photos, you’re like ‘Oh, somebody started bumpin’.'”

When he learned that Rihanna was the cause of this beef he said, “I thought someone hit someone with a bottle. And instead, they’re throwing it like eh throwing motion! That’s not…that’s not even…I don’t know what it even stems from. Is it how you feel about the person? They have in common a connection through Rihanna.”

He later continued, “Is it disrespect about who you are? Or is it about the actual girl? For me, I’ve been in situations where I’ve seen that the two lead reasons why you get laid out is over the money, or something to do with the girl. It’s odd. I didn’t really see them being involved in that kind of thing.”

50 explained that he didn’t know any of the artists were fighters, so the only basis for comparison was within their music.

“When Drake says something that was ill…it was always about something that consisted within relationships. Chris finna be Rick James out this motherfucker,” added 50.

Photo Source:sohh.com

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