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T.I. Talks About How He Wanted To Sign Chief Keef


Chief Keef is the voice of a generation and was recently signed to Interscope Records, but T.I. praises him.

Chief Keef got three offers from big record labels. It was like a bidding war, but he ended up signing with Interscope Records. The R&B singer, T.I. was also interested in Keef and he made a lot of deals with the rapper, but he didn’t really win against Interscope.

In a recent interview with MTV News, T.I. explained how he tried to get Keef to sign with Grand Hustle, but instead he was happy to be signed with Interscope Records, since some legends where born there.

T.I. stated, “The opportunity existed, but I never put my own personal wishes before the best interest of the next person. I’m just happy that he’s able to do whatever’s best for him and his family and to move forward as a person and to progress in life. As long as he’s doing that, I’m happy.”

He also showed praise for the “I Don’t Like” rapper for voicing a generation,  he stated that he stands up for a faction of the country that has difficulty of being heard. T.I. said, “Chief Keef, I feel like he represents a part of America. He represents a part of the youth in America that ain’t really got a voice right now. We looking at ‘em, and we’re seeing the results of their actions, but we ain’t really listening to ‘em, and I think you gotta have a representative of each generation in order to understand what they dealing with.”

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