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Peter Rosenberg Talks About Lil Wayne


When Lil Wayne spoke his mind about Peter Rosenberg‘s beef with Nicki Minaj, Peter just fought back.

Peter even explained how the “F” in “Weezy F. Baby” doesn’t stand for feminist. In a recent interview Lil Wayne explained that he pulled Nicki Minaj out last minute was because people need to respect women.

Peter Rosenberg, Hot 97′s DJ, insulted Minaj by stating that her hit single “Starship” as “bullshit,” quickly Wayne takes action and removes Minaj from Summer Jam and didn’t perform.

Peter spoke about Lil Wayne’s comments on the radio by stating, “Lil Wayne thinks that I don’t show respect for women. Wayne is right about something—Women are mothers, are sisters, are daughters. But I have a question. Is me giving my opinion that one song is wack, is that showing a lack of respect for women?”

To make it more clear to Wayne and to express how Peter felt he played Lil Wayne’s single “6 Foot, 7 Foot” and stated on the track where Wayne says “hoes gon’ be hoes.” He even questioned Nicki by playing her single “Stupid Hoe” and said “You want respect for women yet you can’t sing a good song.”

Peter Rosenberg even suggested that Young Money should come and speak to him in person rather than hiding behind reporters. “Instead of talking to everyone else about Hot 97, how about…Young Money just come on down and come see us and talk to us? Oh, that’s because then they’d have to hear the truth. And they can’t handle the truth.”

Photo Source:thisiswalder.com

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