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Lil Boosie’s Daughter Iviona Says She Has Plans To Record With Dad



With the recent victory for Lil’ Boosie as was found not guilty in his recent murder charge, his daughter has proclaimed that she can’t wait for him to come home so they can hit the studio together!

Iviona Hatch, is finally recovering from all the stress she had been going through while her father was fighting for his life and freedom.

After Lil’ Boosie’s jury reached a non-guilty verdict in a Lousiana courthouse last week, Iviona wasted no time telling DJ Smallz that she has a blossoming music career and is seeking to work with her father upon his release.

“I’m feeling like – I ain’t been having no appetite – I ain’t have an appetite Friday, or none Saturday really, and first thing when he comes home,  we gettin’ in the booth, get in the booth, and get that money,” Iviona explained. “They just gonna see me rock the mic, and they gonna see what I’m really here for, and they gonna see a mini version of Boosie. That’s what they gonna see, a mini version of Boosie,” Iviona said.

When asked if she had any songs with Lil’ Boosie, Iviona replied, ”Not yet, but you think my songs go hard? But put both of us together, and it’s gonna go super hard.”

More information on Lil’ Boosie’s daughter and his plans for release as details emerge.

Photo Credit:onwaxmagazine.com

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