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will.i.am To Collab With NASA?!


will.i.am has been said to be in the middle of the biggest project ever, as he has been approached by NASA to write a song.

It has been said that NASA looked to will.i.am in hope of having him write a song that would be played on a trip to Mars. This would be the first time a song a song is actually debuted in outer space. The song’s will be played in outer space and transmitted back to mission control.

“Will has a natural affiliation with NASA and even namechecked them on his single T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever). He’s always keen to get involved in their projects and this was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down,” a source told The Sun.

“NASA feel Will is the ideal figure to appeal to a mainstream audience and promote their technologies.”

will.i.am has always held a soft heart for his interest in the universe and has collaborated with the American space agency in the past.

The musician has previously recorded a public service announcement for the NASA TV channel and helped to promote their work in a bid to get young people interested in science.

The star will apparently record the track once the current season of the UK version of The Voice wraps.

The song could potentially become a bonus track for his upcoming album #willpower.

It’s amazing the power that music can hold over people when it is used for good.

Photo Credit:goodenoughmother.com

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