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Will.i.am’s Tweeting Is Affecting His Work



Will.i.am is apparently running his own show as he has been tweeting more and more while he films The Voice episodes, and BBC network producers are getting upset by his actions.

It is said that the Black Eyed Peas star posts messages on Twitter via his phone while shooting the hit BBC show every chance that he gets. At times it’s almost as if he is consulting with his Twitter fans before making a choice on the show.

And now reports are that Will.i.am isn’t impressing bosses with his Twitter ‘fever’.

“This isn’t tolerated whatsoever,” an executive said.

“We need to show more respect to the people at home. It’s like he can’t be bothered. This isn’t a mickey-mouse satellite channel, this is the BBC where high-production values are key. He’s making a mockery of the show.”

However, Will.i.am may feel that he needs to communicate with his fans while he sits and judges live acts.

“You can’t tell Will anything ‘ he’s his own man,” a source said.

“He clearly went out there and proved a point this week because he was tweeting more than ever ‘ pictures from the stage too. Bosses are stumped because now they know if they tell him not to do it again he’ll do it even more and may even start talking about it.”

Quite honestly what are you going to do!?! Will.i.am is one of the most popular hip hop artists/producer in hip hop right now and all the play by play action that he tweets more than likely get’s more audience to tune into the show the first chance that they get.

I’s like they say, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”


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