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Lil Scrappy Gets Hospitalized


It seems that Lil’ Scrappy was hospitalized in Atlanta after suffering an asthma attack.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ Scrappy said “I damn near died … if it weren’t for my driver, mom, and rap artist I would have been dead.”

Lil Scrappy mentioned that he has been getting at the alcohol pretty hard lately and as recent as Monday he had been partying pretty hard. When he woke up on Tuesday morning he was having problems breathing and he could not even muster up any words let alon talk.

“I felt like I was dying” Lil Scrappy said.

Luckily for Lil Scrappy, his people were around and they took action in a very quick manner. He was rushed him to Emory University Hospital, where he was later released. Scrappy says he now owns a “breathing machine” and tells us, “I will never leave anywhere without it again.”

This is another rapper who has been to the hospital recently for partying and exhaustion. Maybe some of these artist need to slow down a bit a take a small vacation before they really scar their health.


Photo Credit:starpulse.com

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