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Shawty Lo Talks About His Recent G-Unit Deal



Georgia rapper Shawty Lo has been the recent talk in the music industry as he has managed to obtain one of the most high-profile Hip-Hop deals in recent years , after signing to 50 cent’s G-Unit label.

Shawty Lo will release a solo album and G-Unit will also distribute his D4L Records imprint. He mentions that signing with G-Unit has thus far been one of best moves for his career.

“Me and 50 we got something like the same storyline,” Shawty Lo told AllHipHop.com.

“I was upcoming and it was so hard. We were raised from struggle and ended up being muscle. That’s what I feel like I am…muscle They say ‘damn Shawty Lo so small,’ this and that, but I always been muscle. I always been like that hard little rock in the hood.”

Shawty Lo also described the type of talent he is looking for, as he continues to build his D4L brand alongside 50 Cent’s G-Unit, in the South.

“What interests me is when an artist gives it his all,” Shawty Lo said.

“They need to give it 100 percent. You can’t just bring the demo and say ‘listen to this.’ Anyone does that. It’s like the music is the new game. I wanna check out their Internet presence , their performance presence , I wanna see it all.”

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