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Adele Denies Rumors Of Taking A Long Break From Music


Rumors started circulating that Adele would be taking a couple years off from music, however the singer has put these rumor to sleep and ended any speculation about her planning a five-year career break.

The singer has revealed that she is going straight back into the studio following her success at last Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Shortly after the Grammys rumors were that Adele would be taking some time off from her career. Adele joked that her holiday was more likely to be just a few days long.

‘I’ve a few days off now, and then it’s the Brit Awards here at home and then I’m straight into the studio. BOYYAHH! 5 years? More like 5 days!’ she wrote on her official website.

The speculation stemmed from an interview with Vogue magazine that quoted the star as saying she was considering taking a sabbatical.

‘I am f**king off for four or five years. If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy,’ Adele told the fashion publication.

However, judging by her reaction to her incredible success at the Grammy Awards, Adele doesn’t appear ready to take a break just yet.

Adele described the amazing night she had at the awards ceremony and is over the moon with her success.

‘Oh goodness!! I’m absolutely flabbergasted! In between laughing my head off, welling up, needing to sit down and trying to maintain an open fire (which is pretty much impossible huh!?) I keep having flashbacks to Sunday night. The most incredible night of my life,’ she wrote. ‘Thank you to you all, I am so overwhelmed, it’s the strangest feeling. I have constant butterflies and goosebumps, it’s wearing me out but I LOVE it! I’ve been sleeping a lot but the minute I wake up I burst out laughing and it starts all over again.’

I must say though that a voice like Adele’s is very hard to come by and I’m sure that if she were to take a break from music plenty of people would be missing her music.

Photo Credit: Spinner.com

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