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Verdict Reached Against Plies


Plies has been spending his time in court fighting a lawsuit and the trial and deliberation has finally come to an end.

After the eight day trial of rapper Plies, a jury deliberated for more than eight hours prior to reaching a verdict. The verdict went against Plies and his brother record-producer Ronell Levatte.

However, the jury awarded far less than the ten million dollars demanded by the plaintiffs.

The total verdict against Mr. Washington was $35,705.00 and $49,575.00 against Mr. Levatte. The awards essentially represent a small amount more than the total of the five plaintiffs’ medical bills.

“We offered the plaintiffs a much larger monetary amount than the final verdicts in an attempt to settle this case so as to avoid the litigation costs, attorneys’ fees, time needed to go to trial. However, the plaintiffs’ attorney Christopher Chestnut refused all offers we made,” stated Plies’ defense attorney, Robert A. Rush of the law firm of Rush & Glassman.

The brothers had attempted to pay the plaintiffs’ medical bills right after the incident occurred. This fact was confirmed by Assistant State Attorney Margaret Stack, who testified during trial that the plaintiffs were not cooperative with her.

Instead the plaintiffs wanted millions, including punitive damages, but the jury was not buying it and declined to award punitive damages.

“People with guns who started a fight were the cause of this incident.  Obviously, I’m not happy that it happened as this caused a lot of concerns that I didn’t want or need.  Unfortunately, people took this as an opportunity to try to attack me and make money that they did not deserve, rather than asking for fair compensation for their injuries,” stated Plies.

Through his attorney Robert A. Rush, Plies is examining post-trial issues that may reduce or eliminate the entire award.

Well you know what they say if you’re too greedy you end up losing either way. Good call by the jury.

Photo Credit:worldwrapfederation.com

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