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T.I. Ponders On Two Potential Titles For Next Album

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We’ve all heard the rumors from other artist’s, T.I. is working overtime with music with a total of 25 to 30 songs since his release!

T.I. recently dropped his street single “I’m Flexin” featuring Big K.R.I.T., a taste of what fans can expect on his upcoming album.

He now gives us word that he is almost ready to drop his next album, it’s just a matter of getting the name right for it.

“I’ve narrowed it down between two album titles, and I haven’t chosen which one it’s going to be yet,” he explained. “However, I recorded between 25 to 30 songs so far, and I’m trying to get the album shaped and ready to go for early next year.”

He also touched on the potential for a mixtape release ahead of the LP. While he most likely won’t put out a solo tape, he said that one could come in the form of a Grand Hustle showcase.

“I don’t know about a mixtape, champ. I’m focused so much on the album that if I do a mixtape, it’ll be a collective effort with me and the new priorities at Grand Hustle,” he said. “I’m doing a lot of work to rebuild and reshape the structure of this company, and once we finalize exactly what that’s going to be and who that will consist of, I will take those new pieces and we will together probably do a mixtape, introducing that new outfit to the world.”

He then went on to speak of the potential name candidates for his new album.

“The first of two album titles I’m debating is Kill the King because in all that I’ve gone through I’ve observed how people respond to my circumstances, and I always wonder ‘Why y’all coming at me like this?’ But I thought, ‘How do you expect them to act?’” he said. “Life is a game of chess and the object is to kill the king. If you anoint yourself king, you have made yourself a target. The second one is self-explanatory – Trouble.”

Sounds like T.I. has remained focus on the task at hand, and so far his last prison stint might have done some good for him, because ever since his release he’s seemed more dedicated than ever.

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