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Rebecca Black Feels Cyberbullied After ‘Friday’ Deemed ‘Worst Song Ever’


Though her new song has over 20 million views on YouTube, it seems as though Rebecca Black’s new song ‘Friday’ has had just as many horrible re-views about the song which is being referred by some people as the ‘worst song ever’ on the internet.

The teenager recently released a song/video on YouTube, ‘Friday,’ and despite the God-awful reviews, says she refuses to “give the haters what they want” and take the video off.

Rebecca Black tells The Daily Beast that at times she feels like she’s being cyber-bullied.

She’s only just begun her singing career and yet someone has already told her that they hope she cuts herself and that she contracts an eating disorder so that she’ll be attractive.

Rebecca’s mother, Georgina Kelly, made the video possible by purchasing a $2,000 package for aspiring teen singers from Ark Music Factory.

Listen for yourself and see what you think.

Watch: Rebecca Black – Friday (Official Video)

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