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Caught on tape: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage For Not Booty Shaking


Photo of Kim Kardashian on stage with Prince
Kim Kardashian, who has one of the most famous butts alive right now, was asked to shake it a little by legendary, singer, songwriter, musician and actor Prince on stage at one of his concerts, but she was kicked off stage when she showed no signs of shaking the booty!

The concert was last Monday night at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, and was all caught on tape.

In the video, Prince can be seen scouting fans to bring on stage to do a little dancing and booty shaking with him and who but Kim Kardashian was in the crowd and ended up on stage.

Kim was so starstruck and, in her own words — “shaking” — though, she could not find the ‘moves to groove.’

Later Kim was given a second opportunity to redeem herself and she claims she did, Kim tweeted.

Watch the video of Prince kicking Kim Kardashian Off Stage:

Photos of Kim Kardashian and Prince in Concert

Photos from Kim Kardashian twitpics

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