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Oprah Winfrey Reveals Her Family Secret, Sister on Television: Details


Photo of Oprah Winfrey and sister Patricia
In case you missed, not too long ago, the queen of day time television, Oprah Winfrey, revealed to her audience a family secret, she has a sister that even she never knew about.

Oprah dropped a bombshell on her audience around two weeks ago when she revealed that she had a long lost sister who was put up for adoption at birth. Oprah and her sister, Patricia, met shortly before Thanksgiving 2010 at a family gathering.

After finding out she and Oprah have the same mother, Patricia repeatedly tried contacting Oprah personally without any success. So instead of going to the media Patricia decided to contact another member of the family – Oprah’s niece, who then contacted Oprah.

The TV sensation was shocked to find out about her sister and immediately wanted to confront her mother to find out why she never knew she had a younger sister.

Her mother was ashamed that she had given up her child but told the two women that she was trying to get off of welfare and just did not have the means to care for the baby. Oprah did not know her mother was pregnant because at the time she lived with her father in Nashville.

Oprah referred to the experience as a “miracle.” Patricia and Oprah are now spending time getting to know each other and their new families.

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