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Caught on Tape: Suicidal Gunman Clay Duke At Florida School Board Shooting


Photo of Clay Duke shooting at board members in meeting in Panama City, Florida
A school board meeting in Panama City, Florida turns deadly when 56 year-old Clay Duke turned the gun on himself after taking several shots at board members. Clay Duke an ex-con called a gentle giant by his wife, is believed to have had a break-down after the economy took the best of him when his wife was fired from her school job earlier this year and due to the loss of all their benefits.

On a live video feed, upon entering the board room, Duke can be heard spray painting the letter V in a circle which is known from the movie “V for Vendetta,” in which a freedom fighter used terrorist tactics against totalitarianism.

According to Clay Duke’s wife Rebecca Duke, a former special education teacher, her husband is an excellent marksman and intentionally missed eveyrone because he didn’t want to hurt anyone but himself.

Clay Duke can be heard rambling about his wife getting fired by the Bay County School District and the rises of taxes. On Duke’s facebook page he mentioned Warren Buffet’s quote about the rich class making war and winning as well as he spoke about the wealthy manipulating, abusing and enslaving 95% of the population.

Duke went on to mention that the rich Republicans and rich Democrats take turns fleecing the people, everyone’s few dollars and gain the wealth for themselves by pyramiding.

After minutes of talking to the board members who asked Clay Duke how they could help, he took several shots at them.

After gun shots were fired, Duke was shot in the back and reportedlybegan exchanging shots with former police officer and school district security chief Mike Jones.

A disoriented Duke took his own life after getting wounded in the leg by Chief Mike Jones by shooting himself in the head.

Photo of Clay Duke shooting at board members in meeting in Panama City, Florida

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