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Dr. Drew: ‘Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia Bong Is Breakdown Over Parents Divorce’


Photo of Dr Drew Pinsky and Miley Cyrus
Physically Miley Cyrus may look as if everything is going fine, but mentally she may be breaking down, sources believe. Famed addiction counselor and board-certified internist Dr. Drew Pinsky feels that Miley Cyrus needs to get help and believes she’s acting out due to her parents’ divorce.

The teen star who recently turned 18 years-old sparked the internet when a video was released of her smoking a bong, as covered on HipHopRx.com. The herbal plant that Miley Cyrus was smoking in the bong is reported to have been salvia and it’s apparent in the video that she was incoherent. The Hannah Montana star can be seen mumbling about Anna Nicole and giggling in the video.

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, if he had a child that was acting this way or if he was advising a child, he would say get professional help immediately adding that “this cat is out of the bag.”

Pinksy says teens cope with problems in a different way than adults and this is her way to manage it. Teens act out and become irritable by getting into drugs and into trouble and Miley seems to be suffering, says Pinsky.

In other news, Miley is working on the film “So Undercover” alongside Kelly Osborne where the two will play FBI agents undercover as college students in a college sorority.

Hopefully Kelly Osborne can give Miley Cyrus some advice if she doesn’t listen to anyone else since she had to seek drug treatment back in 2004.

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