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Actor Wesley Snipes Gets Federal Prison Date, Ordered To Jail For Tax Evasion


Picture of actor Wesley Snipes
Blade movie actor, producer and martial artist Wesley Snipes must voluntarily surrender to do his bid in federal prison. The 48 year-old actor will be starting his three-year sentence in a Pennsylvania federal prison after failing to pay taxes, as reported on HipHopRx.com.

Wesley Snipes who has appealed his case several times is reported to have failed to file tax returns from 1999 through 2004 and was charged in 2008. In addition, Wesley Snipes was accused of using fictitious bills of exchange and fraudulently obtaining tax refunds. The famous actor also used accountants who had a track record for filing false tax returns. Others who were charged along with Wesley Snipes were tax protester Eddie Ray Kahn who allegedly ran illegal tax evasion companies and Douglas P. Rosile.

Wesley Snipes is set to begin his prison sentence on December 9th and if he the actor doesn’t show as expected, he will be subject to additional criminal charges.

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