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Michael Brea Sword Killing: Graphic Photos Reveal How Actor Killed Mother (Pictures)


Photo of Michael Brea and his mother Yannick Brea
Actor Michael Brea, 31, who appeared on the TV show Ugly Betty as well as the movie Step Up 3D was charged with 2nd degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon after allegedly killing his 55 year-old mother Yannick Brea early Tuesday morning.

Michael Brea has been accused of killing and decapitating his mother with a 3-foot sword, according to reports.

The evening earlier, police are reported to have came to the apartment which Michael Brea shares with his mother and twin brother in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Authoritiies arrived at the apartment due to neigbors complaining of a domestic disturbance.

Not soon after, early Tuesday morning neighbors reported that they heard Michael Brea yelling passages from the Bible in which he yelled “repent,” while one downstairs neighbor reported that he heard his mother Yannick Brea plea “Help Me”.

When police arrived this time they would find Yannick Brea dead kneeling in the bathroom with multiple lacerations on her head and Michael Brea barricaded in a bedroom.

Since the murder, pictures surfaced online by New York Post from the crime scene which shows blood splattered across the room as well as the sword which looks like a Flambard/Flamberge sword used to killed Yannick Brea. From the pictures it seems that Brea tried her best to run for safety.

According to other reports, neighbors reported to NY Daily News that the police mishandled the incident and stood outside the apartment for at least 45 minutes as Michael Brea attacked his mother. A neighbor stated they called 911 and reported blood smeared across the apartment window and the police arrived and then left.

In addition, neighbors reported that the police mishandled the situation and stood outside the apartment for almost an hour as Michael Brea attacked his mother with the ceremonial sword which is stated to have came from an Masonic lodge that Michael Brea took after a meeting on Monday.

Meanwhile, Michael Brea has been charged and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Photo of Michael Brea and his mother Yannick Brea Picutre of actor Michael Brea Photo of actor Michael Brea - murders mother Yannick Brea with Sword
Photo of sword that actor Michael Brea killed his mother with Photo of of blood stained wall after actor Michael Brea killed his mother with sword

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