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Miley Cyrus Caused Parents Big Fight, Divorce + Did Tish Cheat On Billy Ray?!


Magazine Cover - Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce Caused By Miley - Miley Turns Career Over To Mom
The ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer Miley Cyrus is being called the blame for her dad filing for divorce after being married for over 17 years. Allegedly her dad, country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, who played her TV dad on Hannah Montana, is getting divorced from her mother Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus allegedly due to Miley’s bad behavior.

The tabloid National Enquirer stated to the point that Billy Ray Cyrus tried to be a responsible father and attempted to ground her for talking back to him, but the mother didn’t back him in his decisions. Tish also made the decision on her own and give Miley permission to go out which is what the alleged screaming started from.

Reportedly this was the last straw for Billy Ray Cyrus after he tried to get Tish Cyrus to come out of the bedroom like a grown-up to talk with him, but she only sobbed behind the closed door. So now, with this in mind, this divorce may be a costly one.

Seems that Billy Ray Cyrus who has always defended his daughter in the public eye was trying to keep Little Miss Miley in check. Not too long ago it was reported that she was out drinking, amongst other things. And to dish Miley’s career in his face, allegedly she has turned her career over to her mother.

To add to this story, a rumor is that the reported divorce may be linked to Leticia having an affair with Poisons’ Bret Michaels which Bret Michaels has denied citing that they have been friends forever.


Photo of Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Tish Cyrus during happier times Picture of Miley Cyrus in revealing sheer outfit Magazine Cover - Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce Caused By Miley - Miley Turns Career Over To Mom

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