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Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal: New Allegations, Pictures and Details (Photos)


Photo of Pastor and Bishop Eddie Long - New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta
Bishop Eddie Long who’s tangled in a sex scandal with four followers who attended his Longfellows Youth Academy is now facing new accusations with one being an allegation that he’s a ‘monster’ as one of the alleged victims called him in an exclusive interview released on Tuesday.

Pastor of the mega-church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta, Bishop Eddie Long is accused of coercing four men, who were then teenagers, into sexual relationships and giving them gifts such as money, jewelry, cars, luxury hotel suits and more for the favors.

In an interview released by Fox Atlanta Tuesday evening, one of the young men now in his twenties named Jamal Parris was captured on tape outside of a 24-hour grocery store. At first the young man was reluctant to speak with media, but then began to speak out about the accusations placed against Bishop Eddie Long.

Jamal Parris stated that at first that Long asked him to call him daddy, as previously reported on HipHopRx.com. After becoming of legal age, Parris claims he and Long began an intimate relationship in which Parris states that Long began “touching” on him.

Parris claims that Bishop Eddie Long manipulated him and the other plaintiffs from childhood. Jamal Parris later would come back after revealing gritty information about Bishop Eddie Long and state that Long was their father and him and the other plaintiffs loved him.

“This man turned his back on us when he [Bishop Eddie Long] had no more need for us. That’s not a man. That’s a predator,” Parrs stated about Bishop Eddie Long.

As far as Bishop Eddie Long and his legal team, they are not happy about how B.J. Bernstein and her clients are manipulating the media and trying to use the media for their civil lawsuit.

One of Bishop Eddie Long’s attorney, Craig Gillen told newspaper AJC that there are rules to civil litigation and how counsels should conduct themselves, implying that B.J. Bernstein does not know how to conduct herself nor her clients. “We plan to follow those rules,” Gillen stated.

Tuesday night as the the news of Jamal Parris was stirring up that he publicly spoke, Bishop Eddie Long was with his congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

During services, Bishop Eddie Long told the congregation if he went off by what was in the media, “I’d be scared to show up…. I’d be scared to look at you, but there’s something in me bigger than the sit-u-a-tion.”

Bishop Eddie Long continued on with the service also stating that, “whatever God said about me it shall come to pass.”

Meanwhile, the case will need more evidence, an attorney told WSBTV. In a previous report on HipHopRx.com, the D.A. is quoted as saying there is no criminal investigations.

Spokesperson Mekka Parish told the newspaper that there is no current investigations involving Pastor/Bishop Eddie Long, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church or its employees or associates.


Watch Bishop Eddie Long Accuser: Jamal Parris Speak About Calling the Pastor “Daddy,” Followed By Saying Eddie Long Is Not A Man But A “Monster”

Watch video of Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Victims, Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson, Caught On Expletive Laced Videotape

Check out the pictures including mug shot photos of Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal accusers, alleged victims Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson, plus Spencer Legrande and Jamal Parris:

Photo - Anthony Flagg Mugshot Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser) Photo - Maurice Robinson Mugshot Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser) Photo - Spencer Legrande Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser)
Photo - Jamal Parris Picture (Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Accuser)

Check out the cellphone photos of Bishop Eddie Long.. these are the reported cell phone pictures that were allegedly sent to his accusers:
Photo of Bishop Eddie Long taking photos on his cellphone in the bathroom Photo of Bishop Eddie Long taking picture wearing spandex in bathroom

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