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Rapper Petey Pablo Explains Toting Gun When Arrested At Airport, Crazy Friend

Hip Hop

Rapper Petey Pablo
Hip Hop artist Petey Pablo, 37, was arrested over last weekend at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina airport for allegedly trying bring aboard a firearm (gun) in his carry-on luggage on September 11th. Pablo explains the details behind why there was a gun in his possession.

Petey Pablo born Moses Barrett III, was en route to the MTV VMA’s hosted in Los Angeles when airport security discovered the gun in his luggage. The fact that the incident took place on September 11th, the matter wasn’t taken lightly.

The rapper who is already a felon and is not permitted to carry a firearm was arrested on suspicion and charged with carrying a concealed and a stolen weapon. Petey Pablo later posted a $50,000 bail.

Since the incident, Petey Pablo has stated that he had the weapon in his possession due to a friend threatening do something with the firearm that was crazy (idiotic) the month prior and had it stashed in his luggage. According to TMZ, a rep stated that the rapper says he forgot the firearm was in his bag and had grabbed the bag without thinking during a last minute flight to L.A.

Meanwhile, Petey Pablo will be due back in court on October 4 at the Wake County Court in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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