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Citizens Question 911 System and Call From NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Phone


Photo of NBA player Lorenzen Wright
Free agent NBA player Lorenzen Wright, 34, whose body was discovered on Wednesday after more than 10 days, as reported on HipHopRX.com, has some concerned citizens and politicians asking for answers.

Some of the questions surrounding his death, one source tells HipHopRX.com, is the fact that the 911 call, that was received from Lorenzen Wright’s cellphone less than one day after he was last seen, went straight to the Germantown Police Department instead of the Memphis Police Department because it is believed that his body was found in Memphis and not Germantown.

The area in which Lorenzen Wright’s body was found was in-between two different areas, Memphis and Germantown with Collierville not being that much further away; however the apartments, where the wooded area is located by, is listed as Memphis, TN.

A police officer made points that the cellphone tower closest is the one that will receive the call and it is possible that Lorenzen Wright was killed in Germantown and his body was later dumped in Memphis.

Another question that is being asked is why doesn’t Memphis and Shelby County have one central 911 system. Is it a conflict of interest, because there have been several cities and towns in the US that have rejected having a central 911 system. There are a few exceptions such as in Arlington Heights, IL which was awarded for their excellence for having a multi-jurisdictional emergency communications system as well as a few other cities.

Currently, no one is for certain if the 911 operator followed up with the cell phone call. No tapes have been released other than information that they received a phone call. The call was allegedly of a person that could be heard speaking expletive. Allegedly there were also gunshots heard going off. All of these are valid points and the citizens are concerned and are wanting answers because they believe this incident could have maybe been dealt with in a more productive manner.

In related news, new evidence alleges that 3 men showed up to Wright’s ex-wife door one week prior to his death with guns looking for Wright, but since she allegedly did not file a complaint, this allegation may not matter.

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