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Stripper Witnessed Michael Jackson’s Deep Sleep; Murray Drunk Before His Death?


Photo of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson
The late King of Pop and legendary singer Michael Jackson who died one year ago on June 25, 2009 still has new things relating to his death popping up and the latest has a stripper involved.

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Joe Jackson’s lawyer had an interview with a stripper who claimed that Dr. Conrad Murray was at a strip club a number of hours before the singer’s death.

The stripper also reportedly witnessed Michael Jackson in a deep sleep when she was invited back to Michael Jackson’s weeks before he died at his home in Holmby Hills one night after the club had closed.

Brian Oxman who is representing Joe Jackson in his wrongful death lawsuit over the death of his son Michael Jackson reportedly has a meeting scheduled with the unknown stripper’s representative.

While Dr Conrad Murray’s reps apparently deny that he drinks and he wasn’t at the club Sam’s Hof Brau on June 24th, Oxman’s letter of intent accuses Dr Murray of administrating treatment to Michael Jackson while under the influence.

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