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Gloria Velez Disses Nicki Minaj Over Young Money’s ‘Roger That’ Beat!


Picture of model and rapper Gloria Velez
We have yet to hear a response from Nicki Minaj after former video vixen, rapper Gloria Velez hopped on camera and called Minaj a ‘gimmick’ and said that she was ‘garbage,’ as reported on HipHopRX.com.

On Tuesday May 4th, Velez released a freestyle over Young Money’s ‘Roger That’ beat dissing on Nicki Minaj.

Did Gloria Velez tear Minaj apart on this diss song?! Well, one thing’s for sure, she ‘went in!’

Velez went on for two minutes, snapping on Nicki Minaj from every which direction.

No word on a Nicki Minaj response or whether or not she even will.

Check out Gloria Velez’s diss on Nicki Minaj over Young Money’s ‘Roger That’ beat:

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