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Jason Pfeiffer Claims He Had A Sexual Gay Relationship with Michael Jackson


Photo of Jason Pfeiffer who claims he had sexual relationship with Michael Jackson
Former dermatologist’s assistant Jason Pfeiffer is claiming that he had a sexual relationship with the King of Pop Michael Jackson and says that he was Michael’s boyfriend when he passed away. Details anyone?

Jason is claiming to have had a “passionate and sexual” relationship with the late Michael Jackson and that he has saved several messages that the singer left him.

“We definitely hit it off the first time we met,” Pfeiffer says before claiming the two had met in 2008 at a dermatologist office.

The two were very good friends but rumor has it that Jason is the biological father of Michael’s two oldest children, Prince and Paris.

Michael’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein confirms that Jason and Jackson did have something going on. He once walked in on them while they were shirtless.

Watch video of Jason Pfeiffer, who claims he had a sexual gay relationship with Michael Jackson below:

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