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Flavor Flav Owes Over 60K In Child Support To Mother of 4 of 7 Children?!


Public Enemy group member and reality star, Flavor Flav, is reportedly behind in over $60,000 in back child support to just one of his 4 baby mommas.

According to the NY Post, William ‘Flavor Flav’ Drayton, Jr faces charges of back child support owing Mary Parker, the mother of four of his 7 children, a total of $63,458.

Flavor Flav has been paying Parker $117 a week until she had the child support agreement amended to where he will have to pay $837.72 per child due to his lack of not paying, and that’s not including the four kids’ tuition.

According to a statement, Flavor Flav stated that he was just recently made of aware of the judgment since it is recent and he will be addressing it. The rapper goes on to say that he has made payments on his children’s tuition and has also made direct payment to the mother of his children outside of the court’s order.

Maybe Flav needs to have another reality show!

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