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Twilight Star Kristen Stewart Involved In Prostitution Case?! + Love Triangle


Photo of Kristen Stewart - Star of Twilight Movie
Sources say that Twilight’s New Moon star, Kristen Stewart was a key player in a prostitution case in where a man was caught trying to exchange money for sex to an undercover cop…. Details Anyone?

Sources of celebrity gossip site TMZ has learned that Kristen Stewart, who co-starred along side Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Saga, was called to jury duty after an L.A. man was accused of trying to buy some good ol’, (what’s that stuff we use to eat back in the day?) Yeah that, from an undercover cop.

The case lasted 3 days and the defense argued that their client was not guilty because the poor man didn’t speak English and cops misunderstood him as saying, “money for sex” when in fact he was just saying, “Speak No English.” We can see where the cop could have misunderstood him.

In the end, Kristen Stewart, along with her peers found the man not guilty after agreeing with the defense. Stewart was so proud of herself that she asked if she could keep her jury badge and she did!

Photo of Kristen Stewart - Star of Twilight Movie

In related news, the Twilight star along with Robert Pattinson are reportedly being forced apart, as reported on HipHopRX.com, over some Hollywood politics. In a twisted somewhat love triangle — between Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and their careers — Hollywood is reportedly putting their love to test asking the couple to stay apart or rather forcing the couple apart.

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