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Rapper ‘The Game’ Threatens Radio Station Over Jay-Z and Alicia Keys Song?!


Photo of Rapper The Game in front of Jay-Z
Los Angeles-based rapper ‘The Game’ is hot about ‘Empire State of Mind’ being played everywhere except for New York joking that if he hears it one more time, he’ll probably protest it with picket signs.

“If I hear it 1 more time b4 I get home, I’m startin a full-fledge protest,” stated rapper The Game via his Twitter. “Picket signs and all,” added The Game.

According to SOHH, ‘The Game’ says that ‘Empire State of Mind’ is in heavy rotation on L.A. radio. He mentions that while he was actually in New York, he didn’t hear the song once. He said all they play is ATL music and questions what’s really going on.

The Game tweets, “I’m gettin dem women dat r against abortion 2 help. They go HARD!!!”

‘Empire State of Mind’ is Jay-Z’s N.Y. anthem. Do you understand where The Game is coming from or do you think he’s just ‘trippin’?

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