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Angelina Jolie Cheats On Brad Pitt, Naughty Affair With Sexy Teacher Exposed?!


Picture of Angelina Jolie teacher affair InTouch Weekly cover photo
The oh so puckered lips of Angelina Jolie are being accused of cheating on the father of her children, hunk and actor Brad Pitt. Reportedly the actress cheated on Brad Pitt with a sexy teacher!

Well, the teacher Angelina Jolie is accused of cheating with is stated to be a dialect coach, according to InTouch Weekly. The affair allegedly happening while she was filming the movie Salt. The person claiming that Angelina Jolie was having an affair on Brad Pitt was a former housekeeper for the hotel Waldorf-Astoria in New York named Anna Kowalski.

Kowalski is stated to be randomly assigned to high-profile guests due to her having the ability to speak multiple languages and claims to have worked with Brad Pitt and his family for over four years. The juicy part of this story is that this may be revenge because Anna Kowalski was reportedly fired in December for not moving her feet quick enough to get off Angelina Jolie’s floor.

Anna Kowalski’s story is that in mid-July, Angelina Jolie had a romping party, well the words used were ‘night of passion.’ The bathroom was found doused with water and vodka bottles were empty everywhere. All the cloths had been used up and cattleya orchids had been diffused all around the room with the flower tops placed in the tub with candles.

Anna Kowalski reportedly goes on to say that in the bedroom the bed was covered with some black rubber sheets with, you know — sex toys on it.

So this is what made Kowalski believe Angelina Jolie was having an affair with her dialect teacher.

Couldn’t this clearly have been a rehearsal for a movie scene?

Let’s picture it, a private dialect meeting teaching you a specific accent from a culture other than your own. He tells you to break out the black rubber sheets because this how they do in their country. Nope, they don’t use roses, they use cattleya orchids. Hmmm.


Picture of Angelina Jolie teacher affair InTouch Weekly cover photo

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