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Chris Brown Violates; Voicemail Exposed Cursing Rihanna After 20/20 Interview?!


Photo of Rihanna on her mobile cellphone
Just when the Chris Brown, Rihanna ‘thing’ seemed to be over (especially since both parties have been spotted out dating other people – Rihanna kissing/hugging with new man L.A. Dodgers Matt Kemp as seen on HipHopRX.com as well Chris Brown seen as well out shopping with wads of cash with new girlfriend singer/model Rhea), it may be returning with a possible new addition to the once gigantic celebrity scandal — audio of Chris Brown cursing Rihanna out on the phone after he was told to stay away and not to contact her!

The rumor has it that TMZ is being offered a chance to buy this so-called audio by an anonymous source claiming to have the audio which may send Chris Brown back to court if it exists because the singer – Chris Brown – could possibly have violated the terms of his probation by contacting Rihanna even over the phone!

If the so-called audio does exist, rumors have it that it will reveal an angry Chris Brown cursing Rihanna out for exposing him or should we say ‘putting him on blast’ during her 20/20 interview!

Apparently, Chris Brown was so upset after her 20/20 interview, which was covered on HipHopRX.com closely pre-hand and afterwards, that he could care less about breaking terms set by the judge or anything so he called to tell Rihanna a piece of his mind, which if so he may have lost at that time momentarily?!

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