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Raw Footage: Lady GaGa Hit In The Head; Slapped By Bouquet of Flowers At Concert!


Picture of Lady Gaga performs in Atlanta gets hit upside head with flowers
Whack! Lady Gaga gets hit upside the head with flowers! Yes, Lady Gaga got hit in the head with a small bouquet of flowers while performing at a concert in Atlanta on Tuesday, December 29, 2009. The singer was performing her hit song “Poker Face” when the object came flying through mid-air from the crowd as she danced with a group of her dancers.

In a video which surfaced on the Internet, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a sexy red two piece outfit with black boots, gloves, and a hat to match. As the singer danced her routine and was about to go into a hip extension move, the bouquet unexpectedly hit her and knocked her hat out of place. Lady Gaga continued performing and straightened up her hat and the show went on as planned.

Watch Lady Gaga Performing “Poker Face” As She Gets Hit With A Bouquet of Flowers

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