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Sean Diddy Combs’ Sean John Clothing Retail Store Sues Landlord For 2.5 Mil


Picture of Sean Diddy Combs Sean John Store In New York
One thing you don’t want to do is mess with Sean Diddy Combs and his business or you’ll likely get taken through the ringer.

Allegedly the landlord for his New York City store made it nearly impossible for potential customers to see in from the ground floor building when they put up a sidewalk scaffolding (framework or platform material) and now the company that runs Diddy’s clothing line at that location has had a lawsuit filed.

According to documents, Diddy’s lawyers claim that in August of 2006 the building owners just left the materials there which was erected on two exposures of the Building, Fifth Avenue and East 41st Street and has been there for three and one-half years since its erection.

The materials also are stated to have obstructed the view of his stylish clothing line and furnishings that’s being displayed in the windows.

Due to this, the store location is reported to have had sales dropped down nearly half.

In the documents, Diddy’s company Christian Casey, LLC is listed as the plaintiff who began leasing the space of the multiple-story commercial building at 475 Fifth Avenue which included a part of the ground floor to operate its flagship clothing store for the internationally-known apparel brand “Sean John.”

The lease for the original space was entered sometime in August of 2003 for terms of 12 years and 9 months, and isn’t set to terminate until May 2016. The rent for the space which was $660,000, has went up to $913,594.16 annually and this excludes water, lights, custom work to the place and real estate taxes.

To settle this, Diddy’s attorney are just asking the judge to make a judgment in their favor as breach of the lease due to all the hardship the company has had and the interest, costs and expenses of the lawsuit including attorney fees as the defendants responsibility, along with nothing less than $2.5 million.

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