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Pictures: Rihanna Rocks A Pink Bikini in Barbados! (Xmas Photos)


Photo of Rihanna rocking a pink bikini in Barbados!
Rihanna was photographed earlier this weekend in bikini pictures with friends and family on the sunny beaches of Barbados over Christmas. In her pink bikini photos, you can see Rihanna ‘rocking’ a bright little pink bikini with ruffles.

While people may have been enjoying the singer in her little sexy pink bikini swimsuit, Rihanna herself can be seen enjoying the beach, sun and fun with family and friends.

Rihanna is even seen boarding for a boat ride, and more.

In one probably memorable moment in her pink bikini pictures, Rihanna can be seen tugging on her bikini bottoms to prevent them from venturing into her nice bottom.

Check out the sexy pictures of Rihanna in a little pink bikini with ruffles, enjoying the beach with friends and family, going for a boat ride, tugging on her bikini bottoms, and more on the beach in Barbados.

Photo of Rihanna rocking a pink bikini in Barbados!Photo of Rihanna in pink bikini going for a boat ride In Barbados! Picture of Rihanna in a pink bikini in Barbados!
Picture of Rihanna tugging on her pink bikini bottom in Barbados! Photo of Rihanna drinking with friends in pink bikini in Barbados! Rihanna pink bikini pictures


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