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Rapper T.I. To Be Released Sometime After New Years To Halfway House!


Rapper T.I., who was sentenced to serve one year and one day in prison for felony gun possession, is set to be released to a halfway house in Atlanta some time after New Years.

Sources say that rapper T.I. may be released earlier than his scheduled May 2010 date due to good behavior. Reportedly, T.I. is to be released to a halfway house to finish out the remainder of his sentence sometime in early 2010. Maybe Feb. or March, sources say.

He will be able to leave the halfway house during the day to work at the offices of his Grand Hustle label and will have to report back at a certain time at night. He will serve out the rest of his sentence witch is in May of 2010.

No reports of the exact date of his release has been published at this time.

T.I. began serving out a one year and one day sentence in May 2009 for gun possession after he was caught in a parking lot trying to buy the weapons he was charged for.

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